Tina, here.

The two-in-one wardrobe piece is a staple in my closet. The reversible suede jacket. The carry-on tote that can be a beach bag. And my favorite right now, the cover-up by day / dress or tunic by night wardrobe multiplier. If you have one last hurrah this Summer to the beach, lake or pool, it's worth adding this piece to your closet.

My tunic is from Halsbrook.

The pom-poms are so cute!!! I think the tunic is long enough to be a cover-up, and short enough to be a tunic to wear over white jeans. It's not quite long enough to be a dress, but I've found some other options for you.


I am pretty adamant about having a zipper closure for my totes and beach bags. They are hard to find...but I've tracked some good ones down for you.

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