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September is all about the classics. And classics never go out of style. But they do need updating every now and then. Like the perfect navy blazer or the perfect pair of everyday trousers. This month we bring you ten classics, today's modern must-haves.

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Top Ten Halsbrook Fall Fashion Classics ~Take 15% OFF these and full price items with discount code!

Maybe you take some risks with your summer wardrobe, wearing fun, colorful sundresses and trendy sandals. But fall style seems to evoke the timeless classics, and they must score high on every test: quality, versatility, longevity, comfort and general all-around fabulousness. These are investment pieces. You don't need many. Consider this capsule wardrobe your modern classics that you’ll wear over and over, and for years to come. I'll show you how to fill in the rest of your Fall wardrobe with inexpensive pieces you can mix and match. Not everything has to be expensive, but these are worth it in my opinion. Shop now to save!

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A classic white blouse is a must-have that has to be updated periodically.

1. Cream Crepe Top, $198 your price $168.30

A white or ivory blouse is a must-have that has to be replaced every couple seasons, especially if you’re prone to staining or have them dry cleaned. Not everyone can wear stark white. A beautiful cream or ivory top is near impossible to find that isn't too yellow. This one is perfect. A word on blouses: keep the classics clean. Don’t mess with them. No weird buttons or stitching or anything off-message. This one has the prettiest cuffs with a subtle ruffle, which keeps it fresh and current, but still classic. Wear your white blouse with jeans and a blazer, or with a pencil skirt and jacket. And I love a white blouse à la Sharon Stone with a full-length satin ball skirt. I have never had the chance to do that, but one day I will. #lifegoal.


2. Navy and Ivory Polka Dot Blouse, $198 your price $168.30

Polka dots. It takes a seriously good polka print for me to jump on board. Which is why this one ended up on me with this outfit. It is so happy! And fun! And sophisticated enough not to be Minnie Mouse-ish. When you wear a bold pattern, let everything else take a back seat. The monochromatic look with dark rinse jeans and a nude pump says I'm fun but I'm not wearing child's clothing.


3. Garter Stitch Cotton Cardigan Coat, $260 your price $221

Cardigans can either go Jackie O. or old lady real fast. What’s the difference? A Jackie O. cardi is sharp, not sloppy or grandpa. Let’s review what “sharp” means. It can mean fitted but not tight or uncomfortable. It means it’s not too big for you. Women loooove wearing their clothes too big for them. It's rampant among my clients. We just don’t want you to look like a shapeless sack. And that’s the beauty of a cardigan. It covers bare arms so you can buy that sleeveless dress, it will camouflage the mid-section without totally hiding your shape, and it evokes the best of the 1950’s. This one is the best of the best because it has a subtle swing to it, and IT'S COTTON. Which is ideal for the summer to fall transition.

4. Camel V-Neck Sweater With Underblouse, $368 your price $312.80

What do all my clients ask for? To look effortlessly chic everyday. Achieved. This camel v-neck cashmere-blend pullover creates the illusion of layering with its white shirt detailing, while its hi-low hemline makes it easy to dress up or down. Pair it with slim fitting trousers and ballet flats for a polished workwear edit. Or these amazing vegan leather skinnies and a pump for a casual night out with friends.


5. The Miracle Pant (Elliott Lauren Stretch Pull-On Ankle Pant in Wheat), $130 your price $110.50

Do you ever just get so tired of wearing jeans? What else is there? Enter the Miracle Pants. These pull-on stretch ankle pants are probably the single most popular item I've featured on the website in 13 years. I think I've been told that Elliott Lauren, who makes them, sold out of them company-wide when I first started telling everybody about them. My clients, my readers, everybody buys them in multiples. I saw 3 pairs of the black today in a client's closet. This wheat color is another color to buy in multiples. It is the PERFECT tan-caramel-honey, whatever you want to call it but they call it wheat. The point is, it is not that awful, dreary stone-colored khaki your husband wore to frat parties in the 80's or 90's. I also like the navy and dark grey in addition to the wheat and black. Dress these up with a blazer or down with a tee and sweater. Flats, Converse, or ankle boots work well with them. Just get a few pairs and wear them all the time.

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6. Techno Stretch Pant with Front Seam in Truffle, $290 your price $246.50

You know when you want to look nice but not “too dressed up”? You've got meetings, appointments, luncheons, travel, what have you. For those long days running around or a for a quick turnaround from driving carpool in jeans to evening fundraiser in casual chic, these are the right pants. Did I mention they travel well, too? That seam down the front is what gives them that sophisticated and effortless look (effortless because you never have to iron them - the seam is sewn in). It also makes your legs look long and lean. And how about this delicious truffle color? I adore this color with black - so sharp - or white - so fresh - or navy or green or blush or...see? Versatile. If you need a good techno black pant, grab these in black, too. I had a very difficult time choosing my color! Oh, and they are the right weight for fall days and have the perfect amount of stretch.


7. Vegan Leather Skinnies, $425 your price $361.25

Jackpot. These are the best vegan leather ankle pants I've met. High quality vegan is tricky. These have a stretch waist-band and, my rule, they aren't too shiny and they don't make noise when you walk. You can dress these up with a silk blouse, make them more casual with your chambray shirt, and as it gets cooler, a v-neck sweater is perfect. Watch my little video for the secret to wearing black leather. Coming to my Instagram 🙂


8. Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, $298 your price $253.30

Here’s a splurge. A leather (faux, a really good faux) pencil skirt that is truly classic. I thought it was real. We often turn to Halsbrook for their leather because the quality is there. And for the price, it’s not terrible. It’s a big purchase, to be sure, but most good leather skirts are double or triple this price. I chose this deep olive brown instead of black because it’s softer and less motorcyle-y. Anything you would wear with black you can wear with olive-brown – including black boots and tops. You can pair it with a chambray shirt or silk blouse - it’s that juxtaposition that makes it modern and classic all at the same time.


9. Navy Double-Breasted Blazer, $665 your price $565.25

The navy blazer. You have to have one. That navy suit in the back of your closet you bought at Ann Taylor eight years ago and wear to funerals is awful. I promise. (Nothing against Ann Taylor – they have great stuff; I pull from them all the time.) But it’s time to update. This one is that magic ponte knit, so it travels well. I want you to wear your blazers all the time. With boots and a denim jacket to a tailgate party. With heels and leather pants out to dinner. And yes, wear it to funerals over a blouse and charcoal grey pants. Just please don’t wear your old blazer with huge shoulder pads – that is no way to respect someone, by wearing something you don’t feel good in which causes you to be thinking about that instead of the person who you’re paying your respects to. And that is why we do what we do. We dress people so you can get on with living your lives rather than worrying about something as silly as clothes.

10. Hammered Gold Chain Link Bracelet, $195 your price $165.75

The jewelry we feature from Halsbrook is always a huge hit, and so we’re bringing you a new fall classic. It’s important to buy good fashion jewelry (in between cheap costume jewelry and the real stuff). I am in love with this Julie Vos hammered bracelet. She's the only one I've seen who can get the look of 18k gold and it not be gold. Can you wear it with a silver watch? Yes, absolutely. Just add another gold bracelet to the bunch, real or faux. This is such a classic...You'll wear it all year, and then for years after that. So that cost per wear will go down to practically nothing before you know it.

Thank you friends for stopping by and reading! Don't forget to enter your discount code at checkout (TINA15) for 15% off full price items - with just my picks it's a total savings of over $430! You only have til midnight 8/31/19! You will love Halsbrook for their customer service, beautiful packaging and of course, these must-haves for your Fall wardrobe!

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