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Yes, my lights are still hanging, because they make me happy. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and Happy New Year! I received so, so many kind notes from you and it absolutely means the world to me. You all are the dearest readers out there I believe!

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Because you rely on me to keep you in the know, you must know about the Shirt Jacket, also called a Shacket. I have been wearing them for years, because, naturally I'm a trend-setter. HA HA. Noooo, what I am is a lover of the classics, and it's always the classics being rediscovered and reinterpreted by new generations. It's why my college age niece and I both know all the words to the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album. Today the grand ole shirt jacket, a shacket, is being recycled.

What makes it a shirt jacket? It's a shirt that is a bit heavier and can be worn as an outer layer, but it's not technically a jacket in that you can keep wearing it right past the coat closet. It's part of your ensemble, you see. They are also typically plaid, flannel, and may have arm patches, and often have some kind of shearling collar or inner lining. Not always by any means are they any of these things, but these happen to be the kind that I like. I used to find them at Goodwill - great old Woolrich and Pendleton flannel shirt jackets. Now you can find them at trendy stores. I advise against getting super trendy ones - you can alway find a classic like a needle in a haystack.

How To Wear Shirt Jackets, Shackets


I love these shirt jackets!


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