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Come on, Spring. We're waiting for you. It's time to make your arrival. We're fine if you still give us some cool days, as long as we can wear our leather jackets and cashmere wraps and trenches. And, by the way, yes you can wear leather into Spring - I get asked this all the time, and the answer is indeed yes. But, as you can guess, it all depends on how you wear your leather, of course. So here's how.

Spring Leather Jackets and Wraps

Make sure your leather jacket (similar to mine) is on the lighter side, in terms of color and weight. A heavy black leather moto jacket looks too dark for a cold Spring morning. But a caramel color leather or suede jacket can be beautiful over a Spring dress or top when it's just not warm enough to go without. Layers, ladies. Layers.

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I adore a cool, grey suede jacket in the Spring. You can do so much with it - that's because grey goes with every other color under the sun. Literally.

Will there be anything new in leather and suede jackets this Spring? YES! I'm working on bringing you a post all about this new look I'm quite excited about, and it's been a while since I've seen something exciting in fashion. So, stay tuned! You may want to sign up for the emails so you know when I post.


(still loving) Trench Coats

More Spring Toppers & Wraps

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