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Thank goodness January is almost over. Usually I love January, but not this one. Like Mr. Tumnus described Narnia, pre-Aslan, to Lucy, as "always Winter, and never Christmas, think of that!" To which Lucy aptly replied, "How awful!" Moving on, and good riddance, January. And, ...Aslan is always on the move! Welcome February! Let's have some color! And vibrance! And winter white, always winter white!

But first, here's a little hack that will surely raise your spirits, if you'd like to have longer, leaner legs. It's a little jeans hack, and some of you may remember it, but it felt like the right time to bring it up again.

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Now, for our uplifting February! Start with some color, and shoes are always a good place to start. The great thing about wearing jeans, is that you can pair any color or patterned shoe with them as long as you keep the rest of the outfit on the subtler side.

A red heel is a great foil to a winter white jacket with jeans. Mine are several years old, Manolos, and I tried to find some on eBay or The Real Real for you, but no luck. These and these (pricey) are similar.

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Now, how about some more Winter Outfits with pops of color and fun patterns!


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