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Everything is more expensive. Everything! And so are clothes, so if you want to refresh your Spring wardrobe, one of my best tricks is showing my clients how to wear what they have, but wear it better!  And I'm spilling my bag of tricks today. ALSO! Brand new video, Spring Jeans Refresher: What's In, What's Out Exclusive for Insiders!

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Back to wearing what you have...you'll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe without spending a dime on anything new. I just had this conversation with a reader, and it inspired me to write a post about it. We're starting with printed blouses. You have some in your closet, right? Probably from J. Crew or a cute little boutique you found on vacation. Don't overlook them even though it' still cold outside, they can be a great transition piece! Here's how to reinvent your printed blouses for Winter into Spring.

Wear What You Have: Printed Blouses

Don't put up your cords quite yet...you can pull out your printed Spring blouses and pair them with your Winter cords! These garden floral blouses have been around the last few seasons, so I'm sure you have some in your closet. (Just be careful yours aren't too "little girl twee".) I also like batik print blouses. They are a classic that make the rounds every few seasons. If you don't have any pretty printed blouses, I've provided some inexpensive and some pricier options. And even if you don't have pink cords, you can pair a colorful blouse with camel (if you don't have any, these are $20!), brown or white or ivory cords (notice I did not include black cords - primary colors pair better with browns, greys and whites).

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More Ways To Wear Your Printed Blouses

Right now, while the days and nights are still cold, you can even wear your Spring and Summer printed blouses under cashmere sweaters and jackets. Oh, and one more thing, make sure your printed blouses don't resemble pajama tops. 🙂


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Spring Jeans Refresher: What's In, What's Out

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