Tina, here.

I realize I'm in the minority of people who love snow. I have loved snow since I can remember. I grew up with Snowbird and Bill Hall and waited, even when I was in kindergarten, to hear him announce school closings. It's not like it was back then. Schools barely ever closed. There had to be at least 2 inches on the ground the night before to close school the next day, or falling faster than you could say "Snowpocalypse" for them to close during school hours. (It's Nashville, remember - we don't do snow on the roads very well). Today, if there's even a 50% chance of snow, schools are cancelled 24 hours in advance. I get it's for liability and all that, but it's not as special. So we have to chase snow. Well, others do. I know folks going skiing the next couple weeks while I stay at home all by my lonesome. And pretend to need to wear my après-ski outfits to meet for drinks by the fire. Indulge me. (I guess it's more like après-sled around here.)

Snow Boots

Boots are selling fast now - grab while they have your size!


Fantasy Snow Boots

We actually have had a liiittle bit of snow in Nashville lately, but my photographer was snowed in and couldn't get to me to snap the appropriate photos. You know how it is. But it was cold for these pictures!

Après-ski is not just for you snow bunnies on the slopes. It's a genre unto itself that deserves to be paraded out in all its glory whenever temps drop below freezing. It's sporty and chic and a wonderful departure from your regular winter jeans and sweaters. It requires pants other than jeans, like cords or knit, big fluffy boots, some kind of fur (faux is always fine), and a cozy sweater.

Someone please please please buy these (outrageously expensive) Gucci pink cords and send me a picture. More sizes here, too.

Where are we meeting for hot cocoa, my friends? Do let me know and I'll come in my après-sled outfit! For "real" winter clothes, you can shop this Winter Capsule Wardrobe (it was released early to Insiders, so items may be selling out!). Check out all my Latest Loves, too, where you can shop all my favorites.




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