Tina, here.

Gosh I sure would love to be wearing this outfit today. All my clothes (minus the black jeans and white cords I've been wearing for a month straight) are under contractor tarps while my bathrooms and closets are being remodeled. I cannot wait to show you the remodel when it's done!! I am like a little girl looking forward to going to Disney for the first time. It's so much fun to shop for hardware and toilets, let me tell you. And I'm dead serious. You know I love to shop anywhere, and I decided this would be the Home Depot Reno. 99% of what I am buying is coming from Home Depot, the tile, the vanity, shower door, scones, fixtures, everything. Except for one big thing, which is what necessitated the Home Depot challenge. My marble for the vanity is my DREAM. If you grew up in Nashville, you saw what we call Tennessee Pink marble in the older homes. It's this pale, pale pink with faint golden and grey veins. Ok, so here's another one of my shopping stories that may have you rolling your eyes, so just skip ahead if that's you. But about eight years ago I was shopping for marble for my kitchen. I wandered into a tiny little stone store, and saw a slab of this Tennessee marble and about died. I knew it couldn't be in my kitchen (I went with Calacatta Gold). But oh I wanted it. They don't mine this marble anymore - it's all gone, so this was a RARE find. I was trying to think of uses for it, or storage places for a huge slab. My garage would hold it, but that's kinda strange. In my life, when I come across something I would really love to have but can't make it happen at the time, and yes, this is trite, but it's also sweet, I promise you God brings it back it to me. This has happened so many times. With big and small things. So when I decided to do my bathrooms (when I decided not to move last summer), I went searching for the marble. The little shop had closed, and I couldn't remember its name anyway. I went into about 5 marble stores and called about that many. They practically laughed at me. No one had seen any of this in years and years. Then I called the last one on my list, and an Italian answered. I said are you the little shop that used to be on Thompson Lane? And he said yes, they had moved a few years ago. I said, I have a question, and it's kind of a long shot, but you had this slab of Tennessee Pink marble about 8 years ago and I'm wondering if you still have it. Why yes they did. (Which ought to tell you that it's not very popular and maybe my taste is questionable). I worked this to my advantage. Since it had been sitting unloved, and taking up a lot of space, I bet they'd be willing to part with it for a good deal. And yes they did. So I sprung for a thick ogee edge and and an 8" backplate so I could use as much of it as possible. I'm trying to squeeze thresholds out of it, and a couple of console tops, too. I can get obsessed. I'll show you the pics when it's done and you can decide if I'm crazy.

So I guess that also explains my psyche and ability to focus  -  if I can wear the same 4 - 5 pieces of clothing for a month, I can also spend 8 years obsessed with one slab of forgotten marble.  I'm not sure I segued perfectly into that analogy, but let's just say I'm focused.

Which is why I'm now longing for variety, for the rest of my wardrobe. I'll be excited in another couple weeks to wear this outfit again. I've been wearing nice jeans a lot more. I used to get SO dressed up for appointments with clients, but as a client said to me last week, there is nothing chicer than a blazer and button down with jeans.



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