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You have to act fast. LIGHTENING fast, and I'm not kidding. It's just crazy out there. The retail world, that is. But this is your chance, early bird, to get the worm.

Fall merchandise, 30-35% OFF NOW, then all prices go back up August 1. You do have to be a Nordstrom cardholder to get the savings. Pretty smart on their part, as a way to boost normally slow summer sales.

My Top Eight Picks (more below)

Per usual, I'm liking a lot, not liking a whole lot, and LOVING some - which I've featured here. Only buy what you love, love, love. There's no room in your closet for pieces you just kind of like. I have always said the best way to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is to snag the big-ticket items like coats (which sell out every Fall way early), boots (ditto), handbags, sweaters and jewelry...because that's where you'll save the most, and then also special colors offered now you may not see again. There are some absolutely luscious colors in this sale! Ok, real talk. I've had a crazy week - haven't you? With the Fourth being on a Monday and all, so this is a bare bones kind of post. I spent my time looking at the thousands of items in the sale, and choosing the best, so trust me that the reason you see "this" and not "that" on my list is because I have a very tight filter and something was off - even if it was just a sleeve too puffy or one too many ruffles or it was too short, too long, too shiny, too something. There's a reason why only these items made my list. Long-time readers and clients who have stood in front of their mirrors with me will hear my voice in their heads - I think we can do better. So, my friends, here is your list!

The Only Must-Buys From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Blazers are long. Pants are wide. Colors are beautiful. Cuts are classic and modern.

Shoes & Boots

Jackets and Blazers

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Blouses and Sweaters

Dresses (I know, only 2 made my list)

Pants and Jeans








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