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A new post on white jeans? Oh, no no no, my friends. I am having a new love affair with...IVORY jeans. Yes. Ivory, ecru, bone, egret, basically - off-white. Just when I thought I would never forsake or leave my beloved white jeans, I've been caught in the siren call of ivory jeans. Or maybe I just got bored? Not at all. We all know that next to white, my favorite color is ivory so it was just a matter of time before I became obsessed with finding ivory jeans. And it just so happens that the fashion gods read my mind and introduced an assortment this Spring. Get them while the gettin is good because I don't think they will be a staple every Spring to come.


The Best Ivory Jeans

How To Wear Ivory Jeans

I'll make it real easy. Anything you would pair with white jeans, you can pair with ivory jeans. Navy? Yes. Black? Brights? Pastels? Yes, yes and yes. And also, white with ivory is simply gorgeous.

Ivory Jeans + Navy


Ivory Jeans + White

Ivory Jeans + Color

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