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Bear with me - my photographer couldn't travel to me (because of the shelter-at-home) so these are kind of homemade pics, and I am not a photographer. ? 

Halsbrook has become a real favorite of mine, and yours, over the last few years. I just adore their sensibility for modern classics that feel fresh and fun, and always stylish, whether you're updating a go-to piece or adding something new to try this season. Maybe a new color - like the delicious mint tones and and pale blues I'm seeing everywhere. Literally every time I scroll through Halsbrook's website, I think "this is so beautiful, and this is so beautiful, and this...why isn't anyone else selling lovely, wearable clothes like what I see here?"

It's true. I can't think of any other website that has the mixture of clean yet elegant, modern yet graceful, versatile yet timeless selections like Halsbrook. And you've experienced their customer service if you've ordered from them ~ I love the packaging and the little notes. This is why I turn to them season after season to bring you my Spring must-haves, and my Summer, Fall and Winter, too!

Tina's Top Ten Favorite Spring Must-Haves From Halsbrook

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1. Minnie Rose Cashmere Ruana, $112.50 (reg. $150)

This gorgeous, as I call it, poncho, is perrrrrfect for Spring! And the colors, luscious. I chose mint because I don't own anything that color and that needed to be rectified. See how it can pair so easily with a neutral outfit, and be your spot of Spring color!

2. Hinson Wu Betty Short Sleeve Button Down Stretch Cotton Shirt: $126 (reg, $168)

I've featured Hinson Wu white blouses before, because they are THE BEST. I have my favorite inexpensive white blouses, but when you want a high-end white blouse, that is special, Hinson Wu is my choice. They are different. I'm really not sure how - it's a cotton blend, but for some reason they hold their shape, and move with you. The collars are always outstanding. This one I love because it's short-sleeve, but the sleeve hits perfectly above your elbow. And, as you know, what makes it an A++ for me is that you can dress it up or down, depending what you pair it with.

3. Shoshanna Cipriana Light Blue Crepe Midi Dress: $298.50 (reg. $398)

I meaann, this dress is delightful. Transports you right to the Greek Isles. It is the unmistakable color of the blue sea. Notice the beautiful scallop sleeve detail, and the hemline that is perfect for dancing. You will wear this to a wedding. To a shower. A luncheon. A cocktail party. And on a regular Tuesday with sandals when you want to give the world a reason to smile.  I found this dress to run a tad big (I have it clipped), which surprised me. If you're between sizes, I'd order the smaller.

4. Paule Ka Off-the-Shoulder Knit Dress: $532.50 (reg. $710)

Ok. Real talk. There are black dresses. And there are special black dresses that you keep forever and wear forever, can travel with, can pull out at the last minute and know you'll be the best dressed every time. This is that LBD, the summit. Search stops here. Why? It's a knit but looks terribly fancy when you wear it slightly off-shoulder. It can be any length, really, if you scrunch it to make it shorter. It shows off a woman's two best features, no matter her age: the shoulders and the décolleté. It hides all bumps, rolls, and what have you. It's basically a miracle. I saw it and had to try it. The price - let me tell you something. When you find a dress this perfect, you buy it. Cost per wear over time will bring it down to pennies. You'll have it for twenty years, maybe longer. It's that classic, that elegant, that perfect. And on sale!

5. Belford Cotton Tab Sleeve Sweater: $131.25 (reg. $175)

Don't you find you're always searching for that elusive Spring sweater that's not too heavy and not too thin? Me too. This cotton sweater really fits the bill. It's the pima cotton I think. The description says it's a crewneck, but I think it's more of a jewel neck, which is quite pretty. It's that go-to Spring sweater. I, of course, adore the neutral, but it comes in scrumptious other colors!

6. Elliott Lauren Control Stretch Ankle Pant: $97.50 (reg. $130)

Here it is! The Miracle Pant! Halsbrook even calls it the Miracle Pant! All that needs saying is that thousands have bought it, and for good reason. Get the white for sure for Spring and Summer, possibly 2 pairs. I like every color (except the Chino color - it's too schoolboy khaki for me). Get the black, white, navy, silver, wheat (love) and latte (love). And wear them every day. Every where. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

7. Gretchen Scott Ruffle Neck Top: $81.75 (reg. $109)

I have been wanting one of these! Look at the way that deep v ruffle frames the face and neck? Very pretty. This soft periwinkle would be fantastic on blondes, silver, even red-heads. Those of you with blue eyes! And also brunettes. It's such an attractive contrast - deep brunette with an icy color around the face. But let's be honest, I have brown eyes and dark blonde hair, and I think I can wear it, too! The other colors are a great addition to your core wardrobe, too. Especially the white!!

8. Saint James Pleneuf White and Navy Striped Cotton Top: $66.75 (reg. $89)

How is it that Saint James makes the best sailor tops of anyone? Period. Sure, you may have some stripe tops, but this will be the best one you have. Look at the neckline. SO CUTE! I normally don't like a square neck, but this one has a bateau-ish look about it that softens the angles, and gives it that sharp, fresh, pulled together feel. The sleeve length is also right where it should be (when you forget to shave) but also because it's just a flattering spot.

9. Cambio Ros Truffle Taupe Techno Stretch Pant: $217.50 (reg. $290)

For those of you who love the Miracle Pant but would like something a bit dressier, a bit sleeker, I can't recommend this one enough. I included it once before in a different color, but I feel so strongly about it, I think you need this truffle color, too. Why? Because sometimes black is just so ...black. And you can't wear white every single day of your life (even I'd get bored). And grey is great (I adore grey), but this truffle is sooooo rich, and actually a great pairing with Spring and Summer tops. These pants are indestructible. And somehow still comfy. It's the best techno pant I've seen since the first pair of Prada's I scored at TJ Maxx (please pray for their survival, otherwise I don't know what I'll do on the weekends!) about twenty years ago. If you do need a good black pant, by all means get this one. It will be my next purchase. Seriously, these feel like the travel pants all my clients want, but they are so much better looking!

10. BLUE Shore Ribbed Cotton Top: $123.75 (reg. $165)

I have a good reason for selecting so many tops for you. You need about 2 - 3 times more tops in your closet than bottoms. And tops are so hard to find for Spring, I find. I think the five tops I've chosen for you are THE tops you need to get through the Spring and Summer, and guess what, Fall too. And then next year, and the next...these are all quality. Not throw-aways. This little short-sleeve top is like a warm t-shirt. And the placket is that little detail that makes this top a good top (also the pima cotton, the tailored sleeves and the weight of it), not just another throw-away tee.

Shown with Elliott Lauren Control Stretch Ankle Pant and Cambio Ros Truffle Taupe Techno Stretch Pant.

This post may contain affiliate links, and if you click a link or purchase something we have recommended, we may receive a thank you commission from the website. Clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, but does help us keep our site ad-free.

Shop now to save $600 on my picks, and don't forget the 25% off discount code applies to everything you buy (excluding sale items)!

4 days only! Ends end of day Monday April 20, 2020.

I'd recommend getting in there now. 

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This post may contain affiliate links, and if you click a link or purchase something we have recommended, we may receive a thank you commission from the website. Clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, but does help us keep our site ad-free.