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The perennial search for the perfect shirt dress has ended. One of the things I love about my job is that I get to hunt, and hunt and hunt until I find the best of the best, and then I get to bring it to you! And with an exclusive discount to boot! I want y'all to meet my friend, Emily Phillips. Some of you know her because you've been wearing her shirt dresses (or shirtdresses? seems to be both) and tunics. They are simply the finest shirt dresses I have found. So easy and chic, and a wonderful day-to-night piece.

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Good through Mother's Day, May 10, 2020

Let me show you how many ways you can make a shirt dress work for you. And, by the way, why are shirt dresses so brilliant? Because you can create an entire wardrobe with the simplicity and elegance of a single dress. This is my love language. One dress! So many outfits! Emily is as hardworking a business owner as you'll meet. Show your support for small business owners, especially those in the fashion world so hard hit by this Corona Virus. Emily is the real deal. I've been buying her shirt dresses and tunics for my clients for years. Now's your chance to get one (or more) and save 20%!!  You'll also remember my friend Suzanne Sevier from Sevier Skirts, who helped me model. 🙂


Emily and I are doing a LIVE INSTAGRAM. I'm going LIVE with Emily Tuesday April 28, 5:00 pm CST. MY FIRST TIME. Steppin off the ledge. Come join and have a laugh and a drink with us as we gab about closets, shirt dresses, and we'll even take your questions. @thisisyourstylevault Follow me!


3 Ways To Wear An Emily Phillips Shirt Dress

1. Boppin' Around Town

Grab your espadrilles and a sunhat and off you go. Simple, easy, breezy. No fuss. Cool and chic. I love this skyblue linen shirtdress (now linked).

Styling Your Shirt Dress

By the way, I would say the shirts and shirtdresses run true to size.


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2. Pool Or Beachside As Your Coverup

Let's all agree that Suzanne is SO photogenic! She wears anything well, but a shirt dress, even the maxi style, will go all beauteous on any size or frame. How does Emily do it? Three words. Fit. Flatter. Finish. She uses luxury fabrics that flatter every shape, and finishes the dresses with details like sleeve tabs and nice (not cheap) buttons. And I found I didn't need a slip under most of the dresses.


Want Style Hacks?

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Styling Your Coverup


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3. From Pool To Dinner With Friends

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Add a belt, heels or sandals, and some Summer jewelry, and just like that you are out the door for a fun evening!

Here. I'm wearing one of the original shirt dresses with a denim jacket, and Suzanne is in a maxi dress. See how easy it is to change the accessories and create whole new looks!

Styling Your Maxi Dress

Emily's shirts are also popular with my clients. They're great because they're kind of like a tunic length, but not the kind of tunic with no shape. And not too long. Leave the last button unfastened so there's a little movement at the hemline.


Styling Your Shirt

Thank you for reading! I can't wait to see how you style your Emily Phillips Shirt Dress! Send me a picture!

And don't forget...Join Emily and me for IG LIVE Tuesday April 29, 5:00 pm CST! Find us here @thisisyourstylevault on Instagram.







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