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OOPS! Well, it looks like this post didn't publish in full the first time, so here it is, with a lot more exciting content. You can actually see & shop all my Fall outfits with the Fall Core Wardrobe! Enjoy, second time around, but better. 🙂 It's officially Fall! Let's just decorate the house for all the remaining holidays and call it a year. This Fall Wardrobe Capsule is my Ode To The Classics - where I always return each Fall. But what's different each Fall are the modern updates and how we put it all together. Life is more relaxed than it ever was, even during Casual Friday's and Denim Dress Codes. But enough of the joggers and oversized tees. Life is slowly coming back to normal, and that deserves our attention and celebration! So here, my dear friends, is your new Fall 2020 Wardrobe Capsule.

Insiders received early access August 28 to the discount code (below) to shop first, before items sell out, as they are apt to do when I feature them :).

How To Wear Your Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

You've noticed something, haven't you? Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. Fall is the time to re-up your investment in neutrals, especially in those hard-working pieces like suede (these are faux) and trench coats. I've become enamored of 3/4 polos. I featured one in my Halsbrook post that is sooo beautiful, and I adore this one, too. Buttons have replaced zippers, I think, as the accessory du jour. Like on double-breasted blazers and jackets. This navy leather one is outstanding! And the price is very reasonable, I think, for how cool and classic and yet not boring it is, so that you'll wear it forever. My new favorite jeans are by Closed. I have searched and searched for a good mid-rise, and the retailer who has the best is, believe it or not, Amazon. They only have about 2% stretch in them, so don't size up or down. And of course, you must have a faded rinse like these. A word about the dress - don't shy away from dresses during this weird time of elastic waist bands and t-shirts. Live with hope, with purpose. You will need a dress this Fall. And this one will also carry you in to Spring, based on what you accessorize with it.

MASKS...Have you noticed posts on wearing masks have been suspiciously absent here? I have reasons ha. Insiders, hop on over now to your New Guide on wearing masks. If you're not an Insider, no problem! You can join our trial for free!

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