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Is it even time for a "Back To School" post? I don't know. This Summer has been surreal. Who knows what this Fall will look like. I can't keep up with what my own county schools are doing, much less what the rest of the states are doing with opening schools or not. It changes almost weekly, what with school sports schedules and in-person learning rotations, etc etc. But one thing is for sure, I see people getting antsy, and more out and about, albeit properly wearing with masks and social distancing. Which means, clothes. Real clothes. Not just at-home athleisure, or let's be honest, at-leisure wear. We can't put it off any longer. You need to start wearing real clothes again. For your mental health as much as for any reason. We can do this! You can do this. AND THANK GOODNESS when the world is a bit crazy and uncertain, fashion goes more classic, lucky for us. At least there's something positive. I am all about budget and comfort this new season.

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Six Pre-Fall August Must-Haves

How To Wear The Must-Haves

Faded Rinse Slim Jeans

I've had a lot of luck with Talbot's jeans over the years. They are quality, and they do seem to really understand a woman's body. But what this is about is the rinse - I start shifting to faded rinse jeans as Fall approaches (but yes, I wear white jeans year round). The other thing this must-have is about is the descriptive slim. Note, not skinny. Soooo much more modern and not to mention more comfortable and more flattering. I think that makes my case.

I like these trouser jeans, too.


Layering Sweater Tank

Can it be? Will the heat ever dissipate? Please. Yes, it will, and oyu'll need to start layering. One of THE most useful pieces I have in my closet is a sweater tank. They are genius. I'd get all the colors in this one. They go under blouses, sweaters, and when you need to, you can can wear them solo.

I'm sensing a palette of calming neutrals, are you?

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Wrap Sweatshirt (yes, a sweatshirt)

This is because I love you. You're welcome. Just wear it responsibly.

Cognac Wedges

Say it with me (we've done this before) CON-YAK. It's the basis of any stylish Fall wardrobe. It's the best neutral. And this is how you keep wearing wedges all Fall.

Scarf Mask

I have deliberately avoided devoting a post to mask wearing. I wear them. But I don't like them. But that's beside the point, because we all do what we have to do.  I do not like spending money on them, unless (1) it supports a local small business like Suzanne Sevier who is making seriously beneficial masks that are also cute, or (2) I would wear it in my normal life, like a scarf. I rotate between Suzanne's masks and bandana scarves so I don't always feel like I'm on the verge of a medical emergency. You will re-wear these scarves. They are darn cute as neckerchiefs. You will keep your masks and wear them anytime you are sick for the rest of your life, I imagine.

Blue Light Eyeglasses

It's time to get these if you haven't already. Read up on what blue light is and does and why you need to protect your eyes from it. These are the best ones I've seen. I have always looked to Anthropologie for their readers, and now their blue light glasses are fabulous, too.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.





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