Transition From Summer Into Fall Fashion

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Who's bought their first bag of candy corn? Have you had to reach for a sweater yet? I'm already dreaming about my "First Fire" of the season, which you can tell by the caps, it's an event. I don't even know if Pumpkin Spice Latte is still a thing or not (I never drank them) but building your first fire of the season never gets old. I was staring into my closet last night thinking, is this the weekend I change out my Summer wardrobe for Fall clothes? I'll wait another week, but I am getting excited. In the meantime, there will still be warm days bookended by cool mornings and evenings, so here's how to dress for Fall transition weather.

You'll look at this and think, wait, that looks like Summer - right, but I'm going to show you how to transition this outfit and others into Fall. And it's a trick you can use for almost all your Summer clothes to keep wearing them into Fall. This try-on session was part of my pilgrimage to Mecca aka the Ralph Lauren store, when I was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago.

Add a brown tooled leather belt and voila it's a transitional look. But, there's more...

Now add a denim jacket, perhaps the single most useful Spring and Fall item in your closet for transitioning your wardrobe between seasons. (This is actually my favorite denim jacket and wash.)

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Now you're wearing your Summer skirts and dresses in September but you don't look like you're dressed for a Fourth of July parade.

More Summer Into Fall Fashion Outfits

Swap your white denim jacket and your wedges for a darker denim jacket and boots (yes, you can start wearing boots now, but I prefer a lighter color.)

Swap out your white jeans for a darker rinse (but you can still wear your white jeans, see below...).

You can still wear your white jeans, but start pairing them with warm earth tones and booties. Sidenote: the biggest mistake I see with booties, and why you may have trouble figuring out how to wear yours with skinny jeans, is that they are too tall. Look for a short shaft. The one below comes in Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide widths!

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